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Arrow Current Fastmail calendar reminder headers

Originally Posted by verbovet View Post
But in my case it's not that address, but my main address. Both From and From: are wrong, in particular, SPF is softfail.
First, I want to be clear that the headers of Fastmail calendar reminder messages have changed twice over the past few weeks. The most recent change was about two weeks ago (reported by my earlier post around Sept 13). Calendar reminders received since that time have a yellow/blue calendar avatar icon in the upper left, which looks similar to the Calendar icon shown on this help page (but with 6 white dots rather than a number):

I don’t think the messages you are examining are coming from the Fastmail calendar reminder system. If you look at the full headers, the Authentication-Results should all be “pass” except for:
  • arc=none
  • spf=neutral [email protected];
  • x-vs=clean
  • ... and all the others should be “pass”.
If you look further down the full headers to the To/From/Subject area, you should see:
X-Mailer: Internal Interface
To: your email address
From: your calendar name calendar reminder <[email protected]>
Subject: Reminder: content from this specific calendar event
Message-Id: <*****@mailuser.nyi.internal>
I have munged (changed or hidden) the exact details which identify me. My guess is that’ll the messages you are seeing are coming from some other system. If you post the “spf=softfail ...” header contents (including the smtp.mailfrom and smtp.helo results) we can better determine the source. Also examine the “Message-Id” header, which shows which server system or email client created that email.

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