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I'm new to posting on this forum, though I've been reading it regularly for quite some time. I'd like to share some comments on this one, since I happened to sign up for not that long ago. This probably contains more than the topic here, i.e. also some general observations about the service, in case they be of interest to any one.

Originally posted by Tsunami
OK. Thanks for the reply. 3 months is a good rule, as long as it's not very short like Hotmail (expires after 30 days without signing in) it's okay

The service of is stable and reliable enough that mails should all arrive without problems and be stored safely? (note: I don't mind the mails arriving a bit slower than usual, as long as they arrive in the end)
The service is very fast, at least for me: The interface is even more responsive than that of GMail, and email delivery is very very fast. It may take only 1 or 2 seconds for a message to appear, if sent to from my university mail account. The same holds true for the speed of sending messages, even for the larger ones with attachments.

Reliability? I'm not so sure... First of all, not all messages appear to be delivered in the inbox. This is the same as with Hotmail: Some mail is simply not delivered, nor bounced back -- they just disappear in the thin air. This has only happened twice with 100'% certainty, though, and the source in one of those cases was an automatic responder for a mailing list subscription at (which worked OK for all other services when tested, but still today not for But still, it leaves me wondering if the service can be trusted in the same way you can do with, say, Tuffmail or similar paid service. (I use Tuffmail personally, and will some day replace my main account with it. Now it only sees very light use.)

A bigger -- I'd say a major -- problem with is their spam filter: It puts pretty much anything in the spam folder, even at the lowest level. On the other hand, it automatically whitelists when messages are moved into the inbox, and vice versa, but you can never trust in the spam filtering, and the spam folder needs to be checked for legit mail if there's something therein.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the service uses some kind of response scheme for spam handling by default. This has to be turned off in the settings if you don't want it.

I have sort of mixed feelings about this service: On one hand I like the UI for its speed and user friendliness, and for the automatic white/black listing. On the other hand, the spam filter is paranoid in what it does, and there is a small albeit annoying usability glitch that at least for me is a big issue: It is difficult to go to the next or previous message when viewing a message. You have to select the next/prev message in a list, rather than clicking on a simple arrow or link to go back/forth etc., making it difficult to follow a mailing list where you need to quickly go through a bunch of messages.

I also like the simple and usable calendar. It is quite OK.

The storage would be nice, but one cannot access it through FTP, and since I don't use Windows, and therefore can't use the software provides, the web UI is the only way to up/download files, which renders the whole storage thing sort of useless for making quick, temporary backups of a folder or or a folder tree or similar.

I asked about this, and they said they are not planning on supporting FTP.

I have not tried how POP works here.

Before quitting, I'd like to specify that I talk about the UI based on my own accessibility needs, which include reversed white/black colour scheme, and bigger than standard font sizes. Coupled with Firefox set up like this, works very well for me, save for the little aforementioned UI problem. That cannot be said of most web based services out there, and that is why I got interested in Heck, even the calendar can be used, unlike Google's, which doesn't respect my browser's colour settings but rather wants to draw white text on white background...
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