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The "e" in e-mail
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Originally Posted by Dutchie007 View Post
I do not know about

to me actualy it looks like a site for small dogs;-)

I can't see anything related to signing up for an email service. be there. Large Russian chat service and news site...with free email. many scandinavian Email providers only let you open an account from an IP from their country and with a cellphone number from there. also a free email provider in the Netherlands. anyone??? Pretty awesome imho. Hard to beat.

Disadvantage with most German (free) Email providers is that they always want an address....:-(

I seriously have my doubts about some of those services mentioned in the OP list...I would not use them on a daily basis. Just my 2 cents.

Have you personally tried Qaleido?

I find the domainname a bit hard for mouth-to-mouth conversations, I can see typo's occur which results in emails never arriving. That said, I'm curious as Dutch is my mothertongue and servers based in the EU also sounds good.

Some things are a bit unclear to me though:
- how long have they been around? Are they likely survive beyond the near future? (I never heard of them, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything... Not famous doesn't equal unused. It says nothing about their financial stability on the long term and on the number of users they got)
- what is the inactivity limit of this service? It's not really indicated anywhere.
- are logs with date of previous sign-ins available?
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