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Originally Posted by communicant View Post
It may be 'trouble free' but it soon won't be financially free! Is your account at (also .dk and .se) less than three months old? Accounts at those domains are only free for the first three months, then you must upgrade to a paid account or your account will be deleted. This is not stated in any of the obvious places you will read before creating the account, but when you create it you are prompted to read a link to the TOS by an ambiguous and elliptical hint that there is information there 'that could affect your account' (or words to that effect), and when you read the fine print you find out about the forced upgrade. It seems to me like an attempt to camouflage the facts, or at least to keep potential users from finding out the truth for as long as possible.
I wondered why I got locked out of that account! Thought they were just flaky like so many others. Anyway, I moved on to So far so good.
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