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Originally Posted by sflorack View Post
I know very (very) little about server security, but you have to assume that this was an inside job.

..but it's a good reminder to backup your own data!
Oh c'mon -- Rick Romero trashed his own servers? He's the only one "inside," so if it's an inside job he would have to be the culprit. What's his motive? It's not like burning down a house for the insurance money. If he wanted to destroy the service he could simply have announced that it was shutting down. And if for some unimaginable reason (which could only be that he had gone bonkers) he wanted to destroy all his customers' data instead of giving them a chance to move it and go somewhere else, he could have done it with the push of a button. Why this way? VFEmail has been messed up for several years now, and the sporadic use of Cloudflare has, IMO, made things worse, at least for me. I am very disappointed, fed up, and more than a little desperate. But let's not libel Rick, who has tried hard to fix things.
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