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Originally Posted by JeremyNicoll View Post
To my mind, users who decide they have to use extensions maintained by non-Mozilla programmers are asking for trouble. There's nothing new about this. Various extensions have for years become unsupported suddenly - when their programmers don't continually install alpha & beta versions of Firefox and keep changing their code to support Firefox's changing internal structure. I suspect quite a lot of extensions are written by students who then have the time to maintain them, but later on when real work etc intervenes, they can't do it any longer.
I agree completely. For me, my most frustrating experiences with extensions had nothing to do with a browser. They were with an e-mail client: Thunderbird. Back in the days that I used Thunderbird almost exclusively, I had a long list of extensions installed, and my workflow was designed around the way those extensions functioned. But bit by bit over the years, those extensions stopped being updated and maintained. Eventually, they stopped working altogether. The last time I checked, I think only two or three of my original fifteen or so extensions were still usable. I don't really blame the developers. Is there a product with smaller market share than an edge-case extension for an e-mail client that, in this day and age of webmail, hardly anyone uses any more? I don't blame them for losing interest and moving on to bigger and better things. But it's still frustrating for the user.
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