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Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys, Girls, Undefineds,

I want to thank you all. Each and every one of you. I realize that there are many among these forums that I don't know as well as I would want to, and that there are those that I almost know better than I know some of the people I have to interact with in daily life...

It's been quite a while since I first wandered onto these boards, a clueless newbie looking out into the world of e-mail with big eyes full of wonder. Now today I am placing my 1000th post here, still big-eyed, but less clueless.

I can't remember ever doing that on any other Forum, so it's gotta be something about these Forums that make me keep on coming back every day. Is it perhaps the good and sound advice I can get here on just about any aspect of my e-mail experience? Is it perhaps the speedful manner in which problems with trolls and other malfactors are dealt with? Could be... but one thing I know for sure: It's mostly because of YOU that I am here, the people.

Here are a few shout-outs to some of the people I have met on these Forums, and to whom I feel somehow grateful for being here.

First of all Jeremy Howard, the guy we all know and like (and some perhaps even love ). Thanks for creating FastMail, the best mailprovider this side of Alpha Centauri, and establishing contact between FM HQ and the EMD Forums...

Rob Mueller, also for creating FastMail, and for solving problems with the service, and the millions of little tweaks.

FMFan: Thanks for your friendship, Bill!

Mammaduck: A fellow 'Dutchie', thanks for the evenings of rummicub and Hearts!

Robert@fm: As long as you don't start tossing those aces across the table

Elvey: Who is to me an example of a true WikiMaster, sharp in mind and wit, knowledgable on seemingly everything.

Stormcrow: Dan, you're not around very long, but you've already become part of what makes these Forums what they are! (Not to mention the fact that you brought back fond memories of threads long forgotten )

Gankaku: Lisa, Thanks for your great advice! The flax seed helped a lot! It's looking much better now! I'm also looking forward to seeing some more stylesheets if you've got the inspiration to do some, they're all great!

And all the people, big and small, new and old... THANKS!!!

And not to forget the one man without who's tireless efforts this all wouldn't have been possible. He is to me a shining example in a world of trolls and cross-posters, a rock in the flood of commercials, shelter in the storm of vulgarity... he is our host for tonight: Edwin Hayward! THANKS go out to you too, Edwin!

I hope you'll all keep posting!


Master of the @

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