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Possible to reset personal spam learning?

A few months ago I posted here about mail I was not receiving. I wound up submitting a help request, and someone in suport helped me somewhat - but here's what I think happened:

1. My spam/junkmail folder marked all messages inside as spam - that's not currenly recommended, but I believe it was on by default
2. I received non-spam messages in my spam folder, but instead of marking them as non-spam, I dealt with whatever business was required by those messages (replied to the person, or made the appointment, etc.)
3. Therefore, those messages remained labeled as spam, and now the senders are learned as spam, and now I get nothing from them.

Some of them are quite important, really, and whitelisting them has not seemed to help.

I can't find an option for them to completely delete my spam learning and start from scratch, now that I'm slightly smarter.
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