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FastMail Testimonials

I've been using FastMail for a few months now and I know that we are all impressed by the service, support, improvements, etc. Many forum members have emoted awe, satisfaction, surprise, humor and more in registering their comments on the forum. However, the comments, or "testimonials" are spread across and buried in over 150 threads, and rapidly growing. If I were to jump into this discussion group as a new user today, I would be overwhelmed by the number of threads. Before signing up, I know one of the first things I would want to see is what the "established" users think of the service.

So, I propose that this thread be the repository of testimonials from us, the FastMail users. If you have posted a testimonial in another thread, repost the clipped version of it here (avoid linking, so a new user can see all the testimonials in one window). If you have a testimonial, post it here. If you send such a comment to Jeremy and Rob, post the key parts here, so all new users can also read it and conclude for themselves that FastMail is the absolute BEST!!

This thread should be the second thread a new or prospective user reads (the first one being "Sticky: New Forum Guidelines - Please Read")

A very satisfied FastMail user.

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