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It seems very easy to use, and works great "out of the box", but I was actually looking for advanced features when I came across this. It's not the first email site to come up on a search engine like google, and I actually found a reference to it on slashdot after a search on "postfix". Anyway, I use fastmail's correct and extensive support of "plus addressing" which is splitting the local part of your email address to a user part and detail, like "[email protected]" allowing for easy filtering. If you give out a different detail part of your email address to each contact you have. This combined with the ability to reject messages based on the envelope part of the SMTP transaction allows me to bounce most spam easily, a method unavailable to most POP users whose ISPs "loose" the RCPT TO part of the SMTP mail delivery protocol by the time the end user sees an email's full headers. There are hints that some of this will soon be developed into their optional Personality setup "soon" as well. Combine this with the great forwarding features, and you also have multidrop mail for the masses. You can bet will get my $40 a year (their *maximum* membership level - minimum is free!) as soon as they start allowing users to pay for this great service.
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