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Exclamation So you think that Fastmail's cancelling of "free" accounts is excessive?

At least the Basic account is only $30 (about 20) a year, which is quite reasonable; I spend over twice that a week on groceries alone.

A sharp contrast to Photobucket, which (to my mind) owes its very purpose of existence to posting pictures on forums (unless there are people out there who are narcissistic enough to want to expose their entire photo collection to the public, or daft enough to trust someone else to archive their files; I for one do not fall into either category). Along with many others, I have for several years had a free Photobucket account which I opened specifically for this purpose.

However, Photobucket have now pulled a classic bait-and-switch operation; they have sent me an email claiming that my account usage is "excessive" because third-party image hosting is not available at my account level (then what's the point of that account level?), and if I want to restore this option I have to pay a ransom -- sorry, "upgrade my account" -- to the tune of $400; per year (over 300 where I come from).

So, my advice is:
  • If you want image hosting, look elsewhere.
  • If you really need the 500Gb of image storage which that account level also provides, get yourself an NAS and populate it with a pair of 1Tb drives. It should only cost at most as much as three years' Photobucket Plus 500 membership, will give you twice as much storage with no internet connection involved, and after the three years you will be saving huge amounts of money.
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