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One thing that is critical with any email service is reliability, and how customer service deals with problems. Like most people posting here it is relatively rare that I resort to contacting customer service, but inevitably something crops up that isn't working correctly or you don't understand and requires assistance. That is a huge minus for my favorite free provider, Gmail, in that there is essentially no live customer service and you must fall back on assistance in the official help documentation, or on the Gmail forum, or on sites like EmailDiscussions. Here, results are often very useful, but the average person often flounders with no official cs help. On the other hand, the quality of cs with paid providers varies a lot. In my experience if something unusual is happening the first reaction of most providers is to point you to help documentation that doesn't solve the problem and/or to accuse you of doing something wrong. Every email provider needs to go by the old adage "the customer is always right," even if they aren't.
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