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wow - I'm exhausted

Hi all,

I have just read this entire thread and found it thoroughly depressing (I think someone called it a car wreck earlier). I was supposed to go out 30 mins ago, but had to read through it all first - couldn't help myself.

There clearly were/are some upset people.

Fastmail has, overall, worked out very well for me (I remember some outages way back and a few other topics too). I check other email providers annually, but have always concluded that Fastmail is the right one for me. I guess one day that may change though - nothing is forever.

...changing email address is a real pain and hope that I won't have to do it again having got my own domain back in 2002 with the Fastmail enhanced package.

Before then I had had at least 5 different email addresses (incl. Compuserve, Bigfoot and Fastmail). I got Bigfoot "for life" as well but quickly realised I was not really in control of it.
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