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I don't have an email account and I'm in the US. Checking access to using various free and paid tools I have access to (from different locations in the US and other countries), I get the following results:
  • I think that the domain and domain have some DNS problems. I see transitioning DNS results and odd reports from DNS testing services. I think these setup issues may be causing inconsistant results from different locations, depending on the local cached DNS lookup results.
  • But I also see problems with access to the IP address: Some (but not all) locations can't get a HTTP connection to the website at that IP. This might be due to network routing issues, or it might be due to blocking access to their website from IP addresses in certain parts of the world.
  • So other than complain to the website operators, I don't think there is anything you can do on your end. This service seems to be poorly set up right now, and it might be hard to determine if this is a just a poorly run service or a transient problem which will resolve soon.
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