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Of note from the previously mentioned article:

When we asked if moving purchases between accounts might be possible, a Google representative confirmed it wasn't:

"No, customers cannot move those subscriptions and purchases to a free Google Account. If a customer does not wish to upgrade, they will not be asked to forfeit their login credentials, and they will not lose access to other Google services, such as YouTube, Photos and Google Play, nor paid content, including YouTube and Play Store purchases. They will be able to continue to log into their Google services and third-party sites with Google credentials. If a customer does not upgrade, only core services in a customerís Google Workspace subscription, such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Meet, will be suspended. In this state, users wonít be able to receive or send email, including authenticating password resets via email. Without access to Gmail in the suspended state, we recommend customers use a different email to send and receive email messages, including changing logins and authenticating new passwords."
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