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I may be mistaken, but I believe Google has continued to update that support page with new information. For example, I don't recall seeing this before that explains the process for saving your Google Play Store purchases etc. Seems problematic to use a non-functioning email address to login to an account that may want to send things to that address, so be sure to change it as soon as possible! Doesn't impact me directly, but I have a few logins that will not change my email address no matter what, and since I have accumulated some value at those sites I am stuck keeping that old address working.
In account suspension, you won't lose access to other Google services, including YouTube, Google Photos, and Google Play, nor paid content, including YouTube and Play Store purchases.

You'll also be able to sign in to your Google apps (such as YouTube) and third-party sites with your G Suite legacy edition email address. You won’t be able to receive or send email, including authenticating password resets via email. Without access to Gmail in the suspended state, we recommend you use a different email provider to send and receive email messages, including changing logins and authenticating new passwords.
There's also a statement that allows you to cancel the paid version of Workspace after awhile if you don't want to keep it. Just be sure to first remove any payment information from your account BEFORE you deactivate your Workspace account. For some reason if you just delete your Workspace without first turning off or removing payments you end up paying for a nonexistent account, and then since you cancelled the account you can't login or obtain help to cancel the payments.
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