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Originally Posted by ivelope View Post
Hello! I saw in the traffic logs traffic coming from this Forum, I'm here to answer all your questions about Ivelope

Firstly: this is an email client and not an email provider so server & hosting will be your current mail servers, whether it's Gmail, Outlook or a private mail server. We're right now considering making this into a native desktop application instead of a web-based solution, since a lot of users has brought up that they wanted this from a security standpoint. The VIP account will get you access to the beta sooner, get a pin in your application that says VIP, and also possibly get you access to new features sooner.

Also we're making an updated design with new icons and a more modern look, stay tuned for it to come out this week!
Welcome to the forums: you might want to contact Edwin, who is the group administrator, who will mark your id, to show you as the official representative of Ivelope.
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