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Originally Posted by Nektar1973 View Post
I have had a Yandex account for about 2 years now for some newsletters , with the app... I get very reliable service, and the Yandex disk service similar to Google Drive is nice, it backs up pictures as I take them. I believe there is nothing wrong with this Russian service...I keep my mail at Protonmail these days, but if you are looking for a decent email address for some lighthearted work, I don`t think you have anything to worry about.
Another great advantage of Yandex is, that it also has (data)servers in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and not only in Russia (Moscow) their way of doing things is also more "westernized" then other Russian email services like or Rambler.

The truth needs also be said that sometimes emails from Yandex end up in the spambox of some other free emailers like AOL or Outlook, but that is NOT the fault of Yandex.

I use all of their services since 2013 and I am completely satisfied.

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