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Originally Posted by Tsunami View Post
Dutchie, what do you mean by "more westernized"?

If I may believe comments on this forum, both Yandex and are very reliable services, Rambler not so much.
Guess you got good and bad services everywhere, people shouldn't focus too much about the Russian origins of these products. If it's a quality product, why worry where it's from?
Well I can't realy explain...if you worked before with Russian email providers you know what I mean. With Yandex (or it just works. With fe Rambler or QIP servers are sometimes down...helppages are only in Russian...or staff only speak Russian etc etc etc...

What I meant to say was that Yandex realy is up todays standards,and imho it can compete with Gmail or Outlook. It realy is a genuine competitor for Google in Russia and most other former Soviet states. And also in Turkey it is well known.

Offcourse i realise that the Russian government also want to "spy" on this,afterall i am NOT naive.We could see that recently when they blocked Telegram services in Russia. However it is very good to see that the Russian people know how to deal with this iow they are very creative to avoid this ban on Telegram.

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