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since it doesn't seem super great when humans are involved (they seem to assume and are the only ways in which email addresses can end)
Yes, this is a problem! That's one reason I have been culling down the domains I own to only the shortest and easiest to spell, and they are all ".coms." However, today if one is getting a new free Gmail address it is not going to be short, and probably won't be very simple. Just yesterday I was dealing with a bunch of email addresses that had to be typed in and it was interesting to see how many Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and even AOL addresses there were. Most were Gmail, naturally, and I don't recall a single domain email among this group of ordinary citizens. Personally, I think Gmail is perfectly suitable as a longterm main email address, but you have to be meticulous about setting up everything carefully: current and up to date recovery email and phone number, use 2FA with every method you can so you have alternatives when one fails, print out the one-time backup codes and store them somewhere safe, and check this stuff periodically to make sure you keep it current. Also, if you purchase Google One (more storage and other stuff) you do get a better level of customer service with the ability to contact a human being via email or chat, though I don't know how useful it is if you get locked out.
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