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When I tried Gmail (2004) it was all restricted to a single tab,
You can open as many browser tabs as you want with Gmail running in each one.
they always added a "sender" header that showed it was from Gmail,
There are ways to set this up so it works properly in Gmail. You can even send email from your own domain in free Gmail if you want to.
Anther major reason I didn't like Gmail is that they forced conversations, and have no folders.
You can turn off conversation view. Gmail uses labels, which are far more powerful than folders.
So it was fun using a service that listens to you.
In my experience FM support often takes a minimum of 24 hours to respond, and often longer. I went weeks without certain problems being resolved that were bugs. OTOH Gmail has essentially no customer support other than online forms if you get locked out that don't always work. This is probably Gmail's biggest Achilles heel--no support and the danger of just losing everything if something goes wrong, like your phone breaks and you can't access the 2FA codes any other way.
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