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Originally Posted by TenFour View Post
One danger of seeking anonymity is that it can make you stick out like a sore thumb in a world where most people share lots of details of their lives. For example, I know that many companies hire services that scan the entire Internet for traces of your existence and if you don't show up on things like Facebook and LinkedIn it would look very suspicious. I would guess that your job application might never make it out of the round of AI scanning if that were the case. Even when applying for jobs at small companies one of the first things any hiring manager does is to Google search you, check your Facebook, etc. If you don't show up it would make you seem very strange--I know, because I do a fair bit of hiring! Similarly, if I am looking for a job and companies don't have clear contact information, photos and information on the staff, and other background I am much less likely to see that organization as legitimate.

I find the above post very frightening. May heaven forbid that anyone's chances for employment would depend on a "social media" presence, or that someone might be penalized because he or she prefers to steer clear of that sort of thing. As for being "much less likely to see [an] organization as legitimate" if they don't have plenty of "contact information, photos and information" on their site about their staff, that may be a fair point about a company that wants your business and your money, but surely an individual person shouldn't be subjected to the same expectations of what he ought to display on line in order to seem "legitimate" as the expectations that can reasonably be applied to a business! You might as well say that unless an individual posts quarterly financial reports or tax returns on line, he is somehow less than legitimate. This attitude leads to the total death of all privacy, of all expectations of privacy, even of the notion of the existence or concept of privacy itself, which is apparently close to being here among the young, who have never known a world in which such a thing exists. Heaven help us all. (In Iceland, I believe the government does post every citizen's tax return on line, and also medical records and DNA profiles.)
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