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Do you simply use forwarding for your domains, or do you havae proper email accounts (pop3 or imap)?
I use the domain registrars forwarding services to forward directly to Runbox. No POP or IMAP in the middle. So would you say that's an "improper" email account?

Why do you prefer forwarding to pop retrieval into Runbox. All of my domains have proper accounts/pop3/imap, but I've used Runbox as a backup of sorts. I could just forward vs. pop retrieve. Do you find any benefit to this approach?
It's less expensive for me. Domains are about $5-$9USD/year. The registrars I use give free email forwarding. POP accounts would cost extra. Runbox is my primary account so I just forward to that. Actually, I do have a backup account too but I forward too both accounts at the same time.

By automating I meant an automatic add to whitelist if you "rescue" an email from a NotInWhiteList folder, or the ability to whitelist a number of emails at one time.
You mean something like the Yahoo! "Not Spam" button in the Bulk mail folder. I have a feeling that's part of the upcoming spam filtering improvements that Geir has been referring to. Basically we'll have a way of telling the spam filters what we consider spam and not spam. At least that's my understanding.

Lastly, whether forwarded or retrieved are you filtering into account specific folders, and if so, how is your anti-spam filter strategy being affected?
Yes, I do sort many of the messages into folders. I filter a lot of messages based on the domain of mine to which it was sent. Most of my domains get very little spam. The spam that is sent to them is usually addressed to "webmaster", "info" or "sales" so I have a filter to catch those and move them to a spam folder.

Also, I would say that approximately 99.999999999% of all my spam is sent directly to my Runbox address. Because of that I don't really use that address for valid email anymore. I added a filter to move email with that address in the header to a spam folder. All my domains/aliases forward to the Runbox US or NO domains instead. This has eliminated a lot of those short spams that were coming in with scores of 1 and 0. This isn't a solution that everyone can use but it has been working for me.

One more thing. Since I do have my own domains I can create many usernames. My experience so far is that long usernames with dashes (-), dots (.) and underscores (_) don't seem to get spam. At least mine haven't. So I use names like

[email protected]

That way I will know where they got the address from if I do get spam. Plus I can setup filters to sort based on keywords in the address.

Does that address your question?

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