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There are several old threads on the forum about and, but perhaps it's time to start a new one for more up-to-date comments and queries.

The service has been quite stable for a long time, but today I have encountered persistent problems.

Has anyone else experienced erratic response at and/or (which is part of the same system)?

Openmail was very slow yesterday but worked.

Today I've encountered numerous problems -- failed logins with correct credentials, logins accepted but followed by very erratic performance, server errors, inability to move messages from inbox to folders, and several other problems, encountered repeatedly over the course of the entire day, and during two or three separate login/logout cycles.

I have accounts at both and A few minutes ago I was able to login to my account but not my account. Then, a little while later, I encountered a 'failed login' for the VFEmail account as well.

What's going on? There is no mention of any problem on the twitter feed, and nothing new at the forum.

I haven't yet raised a ticket with Rick because I'm hoping it will clear up soon. (The service is moving to a new collocation site on March 21, and notice of the resultant downtime has been provided, but that is many days away and presumably has nothing to do with what is happening today.)

I'd appreciate it if other EMD members with and/or accounts would check and see if anything erratic is happening with their accounts. I doubt that it could be only at my end, but you never know.


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