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Originally Posted by jarland View Post
Now I've given you every opportunity to understand what it's like, you refuse to accept it, that's your problem and no longer mine.
I understand the problem exactly. I'm not the one constantly complaining and refusing to take a constructive stance. So you should reconsider who it is that has a problem.

If you're not interested in my insights, I'm just as happy to not give them.
I laid out a way to look at the problem constructively but you've shown no openness to it. You should consider that fact before criticizing others for lack of openness.

Originally Posted by jarland View Post
(snip) ... I'll certainly send the next customer of mine who complains about the filtering I have to do, for forwarding to work with any consistency, to you and let you tell them that they're imagining problems....
Originally Posted by SideshowBob View Post
Behind the sarcasm and general obnoxiousness it sounds like you are actually agreeing with me that it works for some people and is unreliable for others. That's a big change from "intermittently functional to completely broken".
I agree with SideshowBob in all aspects of his post.

I'm glad my service providers have attitudes that lead them to solving problems rather than getting mired in them.

Good day.
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