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Some news about Tuffmail again

Roundcube will soon be updated to vs. 1.3.3.
I wonder what will happen to SquirrelMail. Still on 1.4.10.

Both of the Roundcube versions below will be deleted January 2018-01-01.
Roundcube-0.3 uses LDAP Address Books only. All of our Roundcube versions support LDAP Address Books
Roundcube-0.4.2 has a database Address Book and LDAP Address Books

Roundcube-0.3 Deprecated - Use this version that will be updated to 1.3.3 soon
Roundcube-0.4.2 Deprecated - Export your Personal Address Book and import it here

SquirrelMail 1.5.1-LDAP A Lighter Weight Client - LDAP Address books only
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