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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post

Fortunately for myself, Runbox is not my primary account, so little impact on myself, but others have reported (on Twitter) being without IMAP/POP for up to 12 hours!

Also, the lack of information from Runbox - no mention of problems on their support or Twitter channels for many hours - leaving users frustrated.

That's disappointing, Runbox.
Oh dear, the same problems again - Runbox down for ages and no communication from their support!

For myself, IMAP access has been down for about 7 hours (webmail is currently working) and, checking on Twitter, I'm not the only one.

I wish I knew what's happening with Runbox - their recent downtimes are annoying, but really annoying that their support is not stepping up and keeping their customers informed.

This is so NOT like the Runbox I've known over the years.

Update: Finally an update from Runbox on Twitter:

There are currently some IMAP/POP issues for some customers. We are looking in to the exact cause of this, but it looks like it could be a brute force attack on our servers. We will update this post when we have further information.

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