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Originally Posted by sflorack View Post
Why would this even be a policy? It seems very authoritarian. "If you have problems, you're gone."
If you're actually interested in the full story, you can find it in the comments here:

There's a lot more to it than just "opened two tickets and got terminated." So very many notifications were up all over the place, including the auto-reply while opening a ticket, warning people of long wait times. Emergencies such as service outages don't need ticket replies, they need fixes, and that's why in the absence of quick response time I rely heavily on announcements, auto-replies, twitter, and a status page. All of the ways that I can utilize to communicate in mass, so that actual platform issues do not require answering individual tickets during the moment of an issue but can be answered later after having first resolved it. If it's not listed anywhere as soon as we are able to get in front of it and determine whether it's a platform issue, then it's not a platform issue. User error is important as well, but under platform issues in priority.

I don't ask that everyone agree with how I do business, but make no mistake, I've gone out of my way to keep customers in the loop and to outline what I expect from my customers along the way. Can I do better? Of course, that will always be true in every situation.

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