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Arrow Sorting messages by size

In another thread there was comment about the need to sort Fastmail folders by the size of messages contained in the folder. I don't have a solution for this exact problem using the Fastmail web interface or mobile phone app, but it's easy to sort by the size used by the largest conversations as follows:
  • In the search box at the top, enter:
    larger:1m (case insensitive, so you can use "Larger:1M" also)
  • At the top, be sure that "All mail" is selected so you are viewing messages in all folders.
  • Change the sort type (below the right end of the search box) to "Sort by size".
  • If you are using conversation view, you will now see a listing sorted by the size of each conversation which is larger than the size of your search specification (1 MB for my example).
  • The number of conversations meeting the meeting the search specification is shown at the top of the list.
  • The folders containing the conversation messages are shown in the column also containing the thread subject.
  • The date of the largest message in the conversation is shown in the date column.
  • The combined size of all messages in each conversation is shown in the rightmost column.
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