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The other thing that's really confusing me here is that the OP claims that this is a transition problem between the classic and current interfaces... There's no reason I can see why this should be the case unless there's some weird glitch in the classic interface.

@sheprd: In addition to doing what Bill (n5bb) suggested above (show us the raw headers), have you tried deleting and recreating your Gmail and Runbox personalities using the new interface? (under Settings->Identities & Fetch).

As I mentioned earlier, I know from my own testing that configuring a Gmail address in Identities & Fetch in the new UI sets everything up automatically, and uses Gmail OAUTH for authentication to your Google Account. If you're using an old "personality" that you set up in the classic interface, it's possible that it might not be processed the same way when sending from the new UI. While that doesn't seem likely, at this point I don't want to rule out anything so it's worth a shot and if nothing else will help to ensure that your Gmail address is properly configured as an alternate sender address in your FastMail account, especially since the new UI configuration for Gmail is entirely automatic.

As, you say "I don't have a gmail alias. I have a gmail address" but I think what BritTim was asking was what the configuration in your Gmail account might look like. If you log directly into your Gmail account and send a message to eumx from Gmail, does your FastMail address appear anywhere?

Also, with Runbox, you're saying that it "comes back that don't appear to be a valid address" — can you let us know where you're actually seeing this error? Is this in the FastMail web UI when you actually hit "Send" or is it a response that you get back as an email delivery failure notification?

Again, though, as Bill suggested, seeing the raw headers at this point would be the key to troubleshooting this whole thing, so if you can post those headers as they appear from a message received at eumx, that would go a very long way to helping us figure this out for you.
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