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Arrow Quickly finding the latest unread messages in one or all folders

Originally Posted by bblackmoor View Post
...But I HATE having to scroll (and scroll, and scroll, and scroll) to skip to my oldest unread message....
This is easy to do with the additional features in the current user interface. For finding at the oldest unread messages in the current folder:
  • Select Unread at the top (above the list of messages)
  • Select Sort: oldest first at the top (to the right of Unread)
If you need to find the oldest unread message in any folder or you need to combine this into a more complex search, you can do the following instead:
  • Add is:unread to the search string, or just enter this into the search box
  • Select Sort: oldest first at the top
  • At the top, choose to search in All mail or a specific folder. By default, an All mail search excludes the Spam and Trash folders, but you can include them by using the search string: in:* is:unread.
  • If you wish, you can save your search using the Save button shown above the folder string adjacent to the current active search. Saved searches are shown with a magnifying lens icon in the folder tree.
    • If you are searching All mail when you save the search, the saved search will be displayed below the folder tree.
    • If you are searching a specific folder when you same the search, the saved search will be displayed within that specific folder.
When you view the search results from multiple folders, the folder containing each message is shown at the right of the listing (below the date). You can select (using the checkbox) one or more messages resulting from the search and do various things with these selected messages:
  • Drag them to another folder using your mouse
  • Use the Move To tool at the top to move them to another folder
  • Use the Mark tool at the top to pin them (give them a red pin so they can be found later) or mark them read
  • Delete them (which moves them to the Trash folder)
  • Archive them (which moves them to the Archive folder)
  • If you make an error, most actions result in an Undo message popping up near the bottom of the page for about 20 seconds. If you click Undo while that message is displayed the previous action will be undone.
I really like all of the many features which have been added to the current interface. The very fast and powerful search feature is one of my favorites.

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