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Originally Posted by pin View Post
Hi all,

It has been a loooong time since I last posted, still pop in now and again to catch up on the world of email This is a testament to how well I have been served by Tuffmail since joining in 2006. However, I feel it's long past the time to change.

There are a number of reasons for this, there has been no development of the service for a very long time, support seems to have gone down hill since John sold the service and a small issue I have had with paying by PayPal has been on-going for what must be two years and that does not fill me with confidence.

I have a feeling that all may not be well at Tuffmail and as I have the time over the next few weeks to make the change I may as well get started!

My email setup with Tuffmail consists of two domains, 4 mailboxes with 2GB of storage shared between them. I would like to move to something which is at very least similar, ideally with more storage and the option to add another couple of mailboxes for little cost.

I currently pay $72 a year and could do with reducing this as much as possible I have seen EuMX, Gandi, Zoho and Polarismail mentioned on the forum. Can anyone offer their experiences of these services or suggest any alternatives that I have missed that would be worth taking a look at?

Thanks all!
Have tried both Fastmail and Runbox as well, but lack of contact sync with mobile devices and my storage needs pushed me to look elsewhere. I am very satisfied with EuMX, great value for money and rock solid service with a very responsive support, but everything depends on your needs. I think Polarismail is worth to consider as well.
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