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Funny you should post this...I've been with Tuffmail since November 2005 and I am moving on as well. I went to change my password after eBay was hacked last month since I use the same password for my e-mail account (I now use Keepass and will make all my passwords different as time goes on). Couldn't do it. Contacted Derek and his response was prompt, but he changed my admin back into a "user page" that was very basic. I was, however, able to change my password from this simplified page. I then asked him to change it back to my normal admin page which he promptly did.

He seems to be in the "keep the lights on" mode and doesn't seem to be upgrading or improving anything. If the outside of the house isn't painted, I can only guess what's inside the house. Anyways, I moved my e-mail hosting to my web provider Eleven2 since e-mail access automatically comes with my hosting package. I think I am grandfathered under Sharkspace's old plan, but basically it's $4.75/month for web, ftp and e-mail...20GB of disk space, 500GB of bandwidth and unlimited e-mail boxes and aliases. Roughly $57/year. It took me a day or two to setup the forwarders, filter rules and import all my old e-mail. I HATE the new Horde email version they are using there, so I switched to Roundcube and that seems OK.

The two annoying things are I get a bit more spam than Tuffmail and it doesn't seem to have auto-refresh like Tuffmail did. I can live with these annoyances and so far...everything is working.
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