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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
I think we all here on the forum with EuMX accounts can empathise.

Sure, EuMX is a great product, but . . .

At the end of the day, when it comes down to reliability and the need to be able to quickly contact a knowledgeable human to solve any problem, especially if you have the needs of a family or SOHO to satisfy, you may need to look elsewhere.

As you are the same side of the pond as me (a few miles down the road, in fact!) I would IMHO suggest Runbox could most probably fulfil your needs.
Do not want to start a flame..but Runbox more reliable than EuMX? Conclusion based on?
I do agree it is a lot easier to manage for an unexperienced user at the moment....but EuMX have new management tools in the works...and plethora of other features not available at is also pretty decent.
greetings from a former BN postcode occupant and now living near RB headquaters
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