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As a member user I have a few questions about the upgrade offer:
  1. Is the 50% off a lifetime promise or just for this year?
  2. On the basic account does 50% off + 14.95 credit I originally paid mean I get the first year ($30) nearly free?
  3. Are FMs funds so bad they're charging for 16MB accounts they could probably hold on a USB stick?
  4. What guarantees are there about pulling the plug if I stop paying again in future (due to lack of funds etc)? I am currently guaranteed FM won't delete my data I would like this to continue (but expect no email sending/receiving)
  5. I don't need any new features/account upgrades - can't FM just charge for the account features I have at say $5 pa (call it a new account type if that gets you off the hook legally)?
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