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Originally Posted by Dutchie007 View Post
Avoid Yahoo/AOL at all costs...! I see some transport companies in Eastern Europe (Romania,Bulgaria etc) still using yahoo address..even is on their trucks!..looks very very Unprofesional imho.
I know several people who still use Yahoo as their main email account. They've often had that account for many years and probably just don't see the reasons to switch to another provider, having to notify their friends of the new email address, ... It's like the many people who use Hotmail already for 10+ years without ever having to change email address. That stability is probably important to them, they won't ever have to go around to notify everyone to have changed email address.

There was a time that I experimented a lot with email providers from exotic locations, just out of curiosity. Often those services were short-lived, with the hassle of losing stored emails and having to notify people that I had a new email address. Whereas my Outlook and Gmail accounts have been existing for years without any issue.

Also, if the OP is in the States, I would avoid domains with the .ru extention. I personally think it is a bit silly to let current affairs influence choice of email provider, but if the new address is for the purpose of jobhunting it is sadly enough important to keep in mind how the average person might react.
If Yandex has .com extention to choose from, it's a different issue.

You can't do wrong with or Gmail anyways, there's probably countless people who put such addresses on their CVs. If you run a business, an own domain is more professional. If you jobhunt, it is not necessary.
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