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Thanks for the suggestions guys. Right, itís for things like job-hunting, although I might use it for other serious mail. And, no, I donít want my own domain for this.

I had thought of the Outlook name rather than Hotmail (I do have one with Live), but I figured Iíd ask for anything not on my radar. I also have a Proton account, and I was all psyched to see what it looked like when I got it, but wasnít particularly dazzled. I like that itís a lesser-known name, though. Iíve never been crazy about Gmail, which proved to be a big disappointment. Besides, I try to stay away from Google (and I donít like Bingís connection with Hotmail, either) And I read somewhere to stay away from Yandex.

Now, I never thought of that. Thanks. And Iíll re-consider Outlook, I suppose. I gave up on my Fastmail when their terms changed, but maybe I should take another look. I just thought there might be wild new options unknown to me.

Thank you to all.
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