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What about the forwarding idea, with the following provisos:
  1. you set tthe forwarding address for your account name and aliases when closing the account, but cannot change it again thereafter; and
  2. the forwarding is at your risk. It is assumed you test it before closing the account, but no support will be provided if, and this is not unlikely, things like DMARC cause it to start failing in the future.
I think Fastmail could provide the above relatively easily. An interface allowing future changes, or ongoing support when forwarding issues arise would, I think, rule out Fastmail providing this option.

My concern is that the people who paid $12.95 or $14.95 15 years ago, and expect never to need to pay another cent for their email service are just the kinds of people that will feel entitled to free support on complex forwarding issues whenever they should arise. My gut feel is that it would just be setting Fastmail up for future grief.
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