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Originally Posted by Dutchie007 View Post
I do not know about

to me actualy it looks like a site for small dogs;-)

I can't see anything related to signing up for an email service. and used to be functioning Icelandic email services. I had a free account for a long time at, but it was deleted without explanation and what can only be described as a bribe to restore the account and my data was demanded, with payment going not to the service but to a specific individual. Even now, although no service grid with prices or services is shown, if you go to you will get a screen saying if you want an email account at that domain someone will offer you some sort of "deal." I can tell you that it is likely to cost at least thirty euros a year, an outrageous price. As for, yes, it seems that the same people now use it as their family chihuahua site -- hardly a recommendation to pay them as email providers!
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