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wondering if to continue my fastmail service

hi, I'm wondering if I should continue my fast mail service, I've been a fastmail paid subscriber for many years(enhanced package before they changed It to standard package) a few years ago. but lately I've been wondering if to continue the service. I'm paid up until Monday, 30 December 2019. in the last couple of years it seems to me as if the service has gone backward rather than forward. I mean I can't see any changes in the website UI in the last few months/years, we used to get newsletter every month or every couple of months detailing all the changes they are making but can't tell you the last time I had any newsletter emails. we used to get a page detailing all the features what every package has, but can't find that anywhere.

on my my off365 outlook account I can send attachment upto 150MB but on fastmail I can only send upto 50MB

what do other people think?

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