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Well thats so they can spy on you.......... I know several people who wont work with someone like that...
Maybe so, but then you might not get the job you want either! I am reminded of people I used to speak to at trade shows all over the country. We would be offering free stuff for people willing to sign up with their contact information. Most would happily do so and some lucky person would get the free stuff. There would inevitably be someone upset that they had to provide contact information in order to get the free stuff. It is a swap. You sign up, you get the free stuff, the company gets to pitch products to you, and most people are happy with the deal. If you are not, you can opt out by not participating.

However, I think with privacy today it is a one-sided deal. You are giving up lots of information about yourself whether you like it or not due to everything being tracked, and if you opt out of the free stuff you get no benefit. With extraordinary efforts you might limit what information you give up, but in the end it makes no difference other than you have cut yourself off from the benefits without any gain.
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