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Originally Posted by SethM View Post
I'm evaluating other "simple" interface webmail clients because I personally still prefer the simple nature of Squirrelmail. I'm kind of leaning towards Rainloop at the moment.
Unfortunately I don't see many implementations of Rainloop. I would like to see more. Itís a good choice: simple, fast, user-friendly, mobile aware and no complicated backend. A reason to switch.

As nostalgic as I am for Squirrelmail it's sadly just too old and abandoned at this point. If I wanted to keep current on PHP updates, for example, I just don't have the time or energy to unit test and backport fixes into Squirrelmail that was developed for much older versions of PHP. I've already run into problems with pigeonhole sieve becoming too new for squirrel and had to disable squirrel's sieve filter plugin in rather than trying to figure out how to update it.
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