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This thread is a good example of why standards are needed in the world--one messaging standard that works across all apps would make life simpler and better. The closest things we have are email, SMS, and MMS, so that's what I use. You have shown us these don't work for you, but if you switch and find the perfect proprietary app system to communicate to this person you will definitely find you have now cut off many other people in the world. Myself, I find that if I meet someone, a random stranger, and we want to communicate again I tell them my email address and 99.9% of the time that is acceptable. I like that type of universal communication platform. Personally, I would find it unacceptable to live without email, even if it meant I could only download my correspondence once a month or so when I went into town. In fact, I have lived that way for years onboard boats. It beats snail mail, and means you can stay in touch with almost everyone in the world, whether a government tax office, a company collecting money, or a friend.

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