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Originally Posted by ccl1 View Post
For example I've gone through at least a dozen apps for email... and I still haven't found one that I absolutely *love* all of them are just kind of 'meh'

I've run into the same thing trying to find an app to replace hangouts. All of the apps seem like cookie-cutter in the gui... I'm starting to think maybe there is some generic sms app code/template that they all use.
I guess this is why great things are invented, built and discovered. People get sick of someone else's "meh" and they decide to put out something they love. Which ends up being what other people love.

So you got two great business ideas and improve upon.

TenForward, I agree about the standards. That's been such a problem. Why don't they standardize? Because companies are greedy. It's all about money (for themselves) and not wanting to share technology (due to fear of loss of money to themselves). It hurts everyone and hurts technological progression. If we'd make one standard for things, then we could go about advancing to the next thing, instead of spending time and wasting money making 50 different company versions of a product that don't work together well and are patchworked to make them work with some other company's version. It's a really ugly and selfish way of doing things, and is and promotes small thinking. That kind of thinking keeps advancement pressed down under thumb.

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