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Originally Posted by jchevali View Post
So strictly speaking what they should do is to turn Member accounts into Forwarding accounts, as someone has recommended, this way at least Members won't lose their address. Setting up a forwarding service costs no money! They could place limits on the number or size of email forwarded. They could even refuse letting members use SMTP, make them use their own ISP's (as long as the SPF policy would allow it). This way they wouldn't even be liable in the event of member abuse..
An unchanging and unsupported forwarding service costs next to nothing. The problem, as I indicated in an earlier post in this thread, is the likely expectation people will have that they can always change the forwarding address (necessitating accounts, passwords and an interface for a forwarding screen) and, most importantly, support. Forwarding already breaks in some cases, and will undoubtedly do so more in the future. In general, this breakage is outside Fastmail's control, but that will not stop people insisting on time consuming research by support to identify the cause, and advise on where to go to get it fixed. Rather than saddle themselves with that, it might even be cheaper for Fastmail to upgrade the current no-support Member accounts to no-support Basic accounts.
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