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Originally Posted by samhu View Post
Let me make a wild guess - those of you here who are so easily dismissing "US$14.95 one-time fee Members" grouses aren't in their shoes?
True enough, but I think it's safe to say a lot of us probably wouldn't have had this expectation in the first place, which is also probably why it's so easy to dismiss it.

The problem is there's a huge philosophical gulf between the group of happily-paying annual FastMail members and the legacy "Member" users, and it's probably difficult to bridge that gap between those who feel that an e-mail address and account borders on being a basic right and those who feel that anything important is worth paying to get done properly. I'm not even saying that one philosophy is more correct than the other merely that it's hard for one side to really understand where the other is coming from.

I believe you get what you pay for, and I consider e-mail far too important to me to not pay real money for it on a regular basis, as well as to have it set up in such a way that I'm not beholden to any one provider, regardless of how much money I'm giving them. I registered my own domain name back in 1998 almost 20 years ago to use as my primary email address. I've used at least a dozen different email providers in that time frame, and even gone back and forth between some a few times, but my address has never changed, and any policy changes by any one provider or another has never been anything more than a minor inconvenience.

Of course, I don't expect everybody to think the way I did, and as I've expressed earlier in this thread, I really do sympathize with those folks who feel that FastMail made them a promise of a lifetime e-mail account back in 2002, however I can also see FastMail's perspective on this as well I think there's a middle ground here to understand that 15 years is a lifetime in "Internet time" and things do change, and of course the very fact that FastMail is making a pretty generous offer here to either refund or convert "Member" accounts is a reasonable compromise on their end.
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