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Originally Posted by FredOnline View Post
I recently added a new domain to my already existing domains with Gandi, and this was a first chance I had for trying out the SOGo webmail.

It looks very nice, and more up to date than Roundcube, but from my initial tests of SOGo I think it is more limited to use than Roundcube.

For instance, to create an alias for sending in SOGo, I couldn't find an option to do so - it may be there but if it is it's not obvious to me.

Another point to consider is the lack of 2FA on both Roundcube and SOGo webmail.
You are right, I am sorry but I have never needed to add an alias because I already created it before with roundcube (and I canīt find it neither testing just now), but I see many more options in SoGo as calendar, the option to forward emails, etc.
Yes, thatīs bad about the lack of 2FA but anyway you can add 2FA in the domain login and if something happens to your email account you can enter from there to change your webmail password anytime.
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