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Flower Fables by Louisa May Alcott. It's girly, but kinda cute. It's also honestly kind of boring...but there are a lot of fun fantasy words and imagery in it. I'll probably not finish it and move onto something meatier soon.

I like browsing through free downloads online though. There are some good classic short stories that are pretty quick read. Plus you can discover authors you really like. I read "A Simple Heart" by Flaubert and loved his writing so I tried a few other short stories of his. Now I'd like to read something longer that he's written.

I like crime thriller/mysteries but like to see them on TV instead. I've watched a ton on Netflix. Especially the British good. Did you see any of the Miss Marples stuff? Based on Agatha Christie's stuff, I guess. Good shows. I also loved George Gently. Sooo good. I think they're filming the last season of this now.

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