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Originally Posted by Mailfence View Post
Yes - if you send a PGP encrypted email (from with-in or outside mailfence), your recipient will receive an encrypted (unreadable) email and will require his/her private (decryption) key to decrypt and read that email.
See this 'how to' manual for more details.

> Yes, we do keep our system logs for limited time, as to investigate any related issues that our users may face.
> Suspension of Basic (free) plans after 7 months of inactivity and final deletion after 12 months.
There's no inactivity period for paid plans.

We thank you for your feedback and will remain at your disposal.
Can I double-check with you about the inactivity limit?

You're saying 7 months, but I'm pretty sure I saw 2 months limit stated on your website. That meager 2 months was a major downside for me.

"Free accounts are therefore suspended after 60 days of inactivity and totally deleted after 90 days."
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