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Thunderbird emails Go To Archive Folder When Deleted

Hello Everyone;

I am using Thunderbird 60.9.0. I have 4 email accounts set up and in account settings I do not have it checked to send any messages to the Archive folder. Only one account has an Archive folder and I have no idea how this folder was created because I didn't create it. In this account when I delete a message many times but not every time the deleted message moves to the Archive folder not the Trash folder. When I delete a message and want to find it again if it is not in the deleted folder I have to remember that it might be sitting in the Archive folder.

My questions are -
- how did this Archive folder get created and how can I delete it?
- why does only one account out four have an Archive folder?
- why do some but not all deleted messages go to the Archive folder not the Deleted folder?
- any other thoughts would also be great!!

Thanks very much, Bill
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